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We're back again! Plans are afoot to make this more regular once again. But for now we've gone from Summer to Fall/Autumn in Australia, so here's a bunch of Chatter about the Summer '17 release.



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We're back! Maybe for more than a few weeks too. In this episode we drivel on about old computers, Lightning Experience, Locker Service and Spring '17.



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In this episode of Code Coverage we talk to Scott Wells, the author of the Illumined Cloud IDE for Salesforce. Illuminated cloud is an alternative IDE built on ItelliJ, and sports many features that make life far easier for developers on the platform. Topics we discuss include:


  • How Scott got started building Illuminated Cloud
  • The feature set of Illuminated Cloud
  • How he implemented the debugger
  • Weirdness with APIs on the platform
  • Dreamforce!


Illuminated Cloud sessions at Dreamforce:

Tuesday Morning

Chris Fellows - Illuminated Cloud & Lightning Components


Tuesday Afternoon - 5:00pm

Scott Wells - Live Demo of Illuminated Cloud

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In this episode we're joined by Simon Goodyear, for a chat covering many aspects of developing on the platform. We got a bit carried away and it got a little long, but Simon has very interesting insights on all manner of topics, including:

  • Supporting customers when you develop a product
  • Drinking beer and starting businesses
  • Dynamics!
  • External Objects and OData
  • Lightning development on a large scale
  • Platform limits and innovation
  • Fun and games with managed packages
  • The choice of IDEs available for the platform
  • Damaging hardware and email management


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So we accidentally had another hiatus. This was entirely unintentional and we've talked plenty about recording, it's just that sometimes life (and work) happens.  We're back... again... and planning to keep up some momentum this time.

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Note: some of my audio and pronounciation goes funky towards the end of this episode. I suffered some technical difficulties that meant I was hearing myself echo at full volume with approximately half a second of delay, I think I know exactly what this feels like now - Lacey

In this episode we chat with the amazingly productive Dan Appleman (@DanAppleman); if you don't recognise that name then you can't have been around the Salesforce development community for very long! Dan makes some excellent points on a variety of topics, including:

  • Developing on the platform over the years and how the gotchas have changed
  • How the CPU time governor limit is affected by process and workflows
  • The joys of working with Salesforce support
  • His PluralSight courses:
    • Apex for Programmers
    • Salesforce for .NET Developers (short course)
    • Data Visualisation for Developers
  • His book: Advanced Apex Programming (now in the 3rd Edition)
  • Industry challenges that have arisen from greater levels of abstraction
  • JavaScript, it's use in Lightning, and what it means for developers
  • The problems with Salesforce's ISV program, and how it might impact new developers looking to build and sell Lightning components
  • How the Developer Relations Team are awesome
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In this episode we chat with Cal Smith (@CloudMech on Twitter). Cal has done many things over the years and has very interesting stories to tell, but he also goes above and beyond to teach others, and the evidence is clear to see on the StackExchange where he's known as crmprogdev.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How he got involved with the platform
  • How he uses the Salesforce StackExchange and what benefits he thinks it offers
  • Mechanical engineering relates to software development
  • Air conditioning patents in the auto industry
  • The contrast between computing in the past and computing today
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The two of us catching up on the gap, talking about the new year and Steven fills us in on Salesforce Shield.

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Kevin Boyle from Gearset joins us at .... (gulp) Dreamforce '15 to talk about Salesforce Deployments and his product as well as other things.

Yes, this episode is a bit late.  


You just won't believe the story about how this happened.  Would you believe Lions and Tigers and bears! Oh My!

How about... the dog ate it?

Or... would you believe I'm just really slack?





Continuation of our conversation from Part 2, including 'Bring your Parents to work' day and Google's free food :)

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