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Code Coverage - Salesforce Developer Podcast

Apr 25, 2014

Keir Bowden, Certified Technical Architect, Advanced Developer and CTO of BrightGen and author of Visualforce Cookbook
Keir discusses his background and how he got into
6502 Assembly language
Salesforce1 development  with Visualforce including:
  •  Using Twitter Bootstrap
  •  Apache Cordova vs In App browser on iOS.
  • SDK, Salesforce1 and Apache Cordova
  •  Debugging your app with Salesforce1
  •  Online vs 'Mobile mobile' apps.
  •  Offline functionality
Keir's book 'Visualforce Cookbook'
  •   What's involved in writing a technical book.
  •   What he was aiming for in writing the book.
Learning to program and teaching people to program
Keir's tools of choice 
What he likes about node.js and developing Javascript
Creative approaches to dashboard refreshing :)
Follow Keir at @bobbuzzard